How to register Atomy membership in Canada

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What do you need to register from Canada?

• Anyone who lives in Canada is able to register.
• Applicants need to be 18 or older.
• Married couples only can share ONE Atomy ID.

Please go to the local Atomy official website based on your place of residence. (Go to the upper right corner of the official website to switch to the web pages of each country.)  

Actually, the process of registering from different countries is really similar. However, if you have further questions about registering, please leave a message, I will send the guiding video file to you.

Register step by step video

Register step by step 

Log in as a guest and start registration.
Sponsor ID: 25305342
Guest password: 20121115

Email verification

Once email verification is finished, please fill out your personal information.

Private password: your private member login password.

Public password: The password provided to non-members for registration. It is a shared password. For example: if you want to invite your family to join Atomy and register as a member, you will need to provide your membership ID, public password, and sponsor ID/name to them, and then they can log in as a guest and register online.

In this step, a sponsor ID is required to complete the application process.
Click Request Now, I will send you sponsor information through your e-mail ASAP.

When you received the sponsor information from me via email.
Type in your sponsor ID and click "Search". It should automatically be inputted in your sponsor's name. Please double-check whether the name is the same as the one I provided to you.

Member Center: Choose a shipping center closest to your province of residence. Once selected, the center location can still be changed at any time.

Congratulations! You’re now an Atomy member. You can shop online, add new members and start collecting points at any time.

Note that, in the further, if you meet the requirement and wish to receive a commission, you’ll need to provide your full SIN and direct banking details to Atomy.  
They are required to issue you a tax document at the end of the year. 

For now, just enjoy shopping and sharing Atomy with more people around you.

Download the Atomy mobile APP, so you can shop online anytime via your smartphone.

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